Saturday, September 8, 2012

My First Real Shabbat in Israel

I was so excited for my first real Shabbat in Israel. That is not to say last week was not real, but being stuck in Givat Haviva the whole time didn't make it seem any different than a regular day. I couldn't wait to really experience Shabbat, and see the change from busy to empty, from noisy to quiet.

I attempted to sleep in on Friday morning, but was up at 9:00am (even though I went to bed at 3:00am)…thankfully, my apartment-mates were slowly waking up, so I didn't feel as bad. The wifi also really helped since it gave me something to do without being too noisy. A bunch of people were going to the beach with the Israelis in our group, but I decided not to go since I did not know when they would be back, and I had Shabbat plans of my own. I did get to spend a little time with them, and then eventually Jennifer and I walked down to Herzl Street. From there I pretty much did my own thing, as I needed to buy a thing or two at the grocery store, and really wanted to get to Aroma. Both were accomplished (and yummy!), and I walked back by myself. It made me feel really good being able to walk on my own to my apartment, as it makes me feel much more comfortable with the city. You could also begin to tell that things were starting to quiet down for Shabbat - less people out, less cars on the road, and stores beginning to close up shop for the day. I came home to an empty apartment, which was a first for me. I do love being around people, but I will say it is really nice to be able to have time alone - plus, no waiting for the bathroom ;) I took a shower, and when I got out Jennifer was back from her adventure. I really enjoyed how little I did, and eventually the rest  of our apartment who was staying here this weekend got back from the beach. Eventually my Chetzi picked me up with her uncle, and I was off to spend Shabbat with her family. The food was delicious, and it was awesome meeting her family. Most Jews in Israel don't go to services on Shabbat unless you are Orthodox, so I was definitely contempt with a nice evening at her house. Chetzi invited me to stay the night, and we stayed up until 3:00am playing Sims 3…obviously we lead an awesome life. We did sleep until around 1:00pm, which was absolutely fabulous. After some chilling out and more Sims 3, Chetzi drove me back to my apartment. The roommates besides those also who left were all here, and they had cleaned! I definitely feel bad I wasn't there to help, but next time for sure! Eve and Rebecca made a delicious veggie fried rice dinner for us, and then the apartment (minus Sylvie and Jordan, who weren't home yet) went on a group walk to Herzl for some ice cream. I got a sorbet (don't remember what the flavor was called) that might've been banana, but not entirely sure. Still good regardless! After coming home, I was able to Skype both my brother and my parents, which is always nice. Hopefully I can Skype & FaceTime more people soon - just let me know if you wanna talk, and we'll find a time :)

Off to bed, more training in the morning…here's to a new week full of adventures!

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