Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Week

I can't believe that in a week, I will be in Israel. It is beyond unreal to think that an idea I had almost a year ago is actually becoming real in just a matter of days. 

For all of you who have just started looking at my blog (mainly because the only place I posted a link to it previously was on Facebook) - I made this blog a few months ago just so I knew I had a place to write while I was in Israel. I've never been great at keeping a journal, but this is something I am going to try really hard to update. I hope to keep in touch with many of my friends and family members while I'm gone through email, iMessage, Skype, Whatsapp, and any other awesome social media outlet, but this will always be something I can look back on (btw, if you want my email, Skype, phone number, let me know - I'll send it to you privately!).

Tomorrow will be the day I start to pack, in between lunch and dinner plans with friends. I was at a cousin's Bar Mitzvah this past weekend, so I've been using that as my excuse to hold off on the packing. Unfortunately, I can't procrastinate much hopefully I actually start doing it! This week will be a crazy and emotional one, as I'm saying goodbye to my friends and my family almost daily. It's a shame I can't see everyone, but I'm fortunate that technology is so awesome these days that it won't be much of a problem to communicate.

The next blog post I will write will be once I am in Israel, since who knows if I'll have time or remember to write anything this week. I just wanted to make sure I wrote something. My emotions are so crazy, as I'm excited yet nervous all at the same time. Not to mention stressed with all that has to be done, and making time for everyone I want to see!

So, for anyone who is reading this, please make sure I have any contact information so I can keep in touch - for those who I am not Facebook friends with - either add me or I'll make sure you get emails when I update this :) I love keeping touch with people, and I want to make sure I am able to do that while I'm gone!

Next week in Rehovot...oh boy!!!

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