Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Day, Another Blog

Good evening (or morning to some) readers!

We started off the morning with some very interesting discussions. We had a talk about the Israeli education system, and how it is similar and different to the school system in the US. It's actually pretty interesting to see how the similarities and differences play out. Although for me it was even more interesting just because I went to private school, and that is something not seen much in Israel. After that, we broke into our ITF group and had a discussion about our role as an educator. We shared stories of how we felt like we did good and bad jobs teaching others. Lunch was followed by another much needed long break. The only bummer is that these breaks are around 1:00-2:00pm, and very few people are up at home at those hours. Hopefully once I'm in Rehovot I'll be able to be better about talking to people (especially my family!) and can set up weekly Skype time with people. After lunch we had a talk with the partnership development of Ma'ase, and then had a really interesting talk about the values of an educator and how we all had educators in our life that have really influenced us. After dinner, we had an awesome street drumming session, and now it's 9:00 and we are done for the night! I have a meeting in a bit with our supervisor, but if anyone is reading this (it's around 11:00 PST) and wants to actually talk, I'll be around :)

Much more later! Just trying to keep this updated!

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