Monday, October 1, 2012

A Recap of My Kinda Tel Aviv Weekend

I really don't feel like doing a full blog entry of my weekend, so I'm just going to do a bullet point entry for now. Tomorrow we leave for a field trip in Tel Aviv until Thursday, and then I'll have a new entry - this upcoming Shabbat and Simchat Torah I'm staying in Rehovot (or at least for now).

-Rebecca, Sabrina & I left for a weekend in Tel Aviv!
-We left on the last train before Shabbat
-Had great snacks (beefy nachos) and drinks (Sex on the Beach for me!) at an American pub on the beach called Mike's Place with Sylvie
-Dinner at Habayit, and I had awesome shakshuka!
-Our hostel room didn't have a working AC that night, so I barely slept

-After a rough night of no sleeping, we went to the beach and met up with Sylvie again
-There was some rain and no sun really, but the water was great
-Had lunch at Yotvata (I think that's what it was called) and had an Israeli breakfast complete with israeli salad, Shakshuka, a fruit smoothie & a cappuccino
-Sylvie left after, and after chilling back at the hostel the 3 of us had dinner at Jessica, where we treated ourselves to a nicer meal - I had a delicious salmon gnocchi, and a mojito
-Obviously desert was needed, and Sabrina & I got frozen yogurt at Tamara, which was right across the street from our hostel, and Rebecca got gelato
-Let's just say there were some unforeseen circumstances at around 1:30am, and the 3 of us left Tel Aviv around 3:00am…if you want the story, message me somehow and I'll explain!

-Since we got back so late, I tried to sleep in as much as possible, but overall was in a cranky mood
-Watched Big Bang Theory with Aleah when she got home, and it was worth the wait!
-Skyped with mom & dad briefly, which was definitely nice :)
-Ate dinner at home & watched Desperado with Orrie, Aleah & Sylvie
-After dinner, a bunch of us decided to have Sukkah time - complete with vodka and orange juice ;)
-Played Scattergories (or the Hebrew name of it, whatever it's called) with Orrie, Aleah, Sabrina & Rebecca  - let me just say I was missing Dahanukkah while playing it!

-Slept in, and caught up on Grey's Anatomy (so sad), Dexter (so amazing and crazy), and Once Upon a Time (so good)
-Rebecca & I decided to have lunch at Landwer's…but the second we got there, the power went out, so we grabbed iced cafes and I got a boureka at a convenience store on the way home
-We went back for dinner, and it was really good - I had a yummy chicken & avocado salad, along with another fruit smoothie

Sorry this post was so all over the place…I don't have the energy to elaborate on things right now, and I have to be up quite early tomorrow for our field trip! Hopefully it's a lot of fun, and then I have another long weekend/holiday to plan and look forward to :)

Happy Sukkot, everyone!

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